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Welcome to my blog!!! In this blog, I will share information from my heart to help you get through those hard times in life. This blog will be updated monthly. I look forward to sharing with you! 

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Relax! Live Life!

Life isn’t fair that I became a widow at the age of 31! Life isn’t fair that I lost my ONLY 2 children at a young age! Life isn’t fair that I felt empty, betrayed and isolated!!!

But what is fair…. Is that God loves me enough to send the Holy Spirit to comfort me and be my guide! What is fair.. is that I have joy & peace in the Holy Ghost! What is fair is that I began to thank God for the time I had with them, and not be sad about it! What is fair… is that those voids I felt, God filled them with joy and His love!

This is your new norm! Relax and live life! Don’t give up during your process!! God has you right where He wants you!!! Stay encouraged and keep reaching for your healing! You got this!!!